The Defender women’s and men’s soccer teams travel to face Presentation on Wednesday, September 20.  The women’s game starts at 1:30 and the men’s contest gets underway at 3:30.  . Results will be available at  and at .


The Presentation women are 2-8 this season and the Saints have lost two games in a row to Providence (5-0) and Carroll (7-0).  The Aberdeen, South Dakota’s team has wins over Mount Marty (6-1) and Dakota Wesleyan (4-1). The Saints are 2-5 against GPAC teams.

The Saints have been outscored 45-12 and outshot on goal 104-60. Claudia Rosales and Brittney Cusick each have three goals scored.  Allison Johnston has played ten games in goal and has allowed 44 goals in 803 minutes for a 4.93 goals allowed per-90 minutes played average.

 The Presentation men are 0-7 this season and the Saints are 0-4 against GPAC teams.

 The Saints have been outscored 63-4 this season and has been outshot on goals 146-23. Kieren Clark has two goals to lead the Saints and has an assist. Brandt McCall has played in goal for 370 minutes with 43 goals allowed and 57 saves. Aaron Riccardi has played 259 minutes with 20 goals allowed and has 21 saves.              


The Defender women are 3-3 this season with wins over Central Christian (6-0), Waldorf (2-0) and Southwestern (4-1). All of Dordt’s losses are by one goal each to Viterbo (2-1), Johnson and Wales (4-3) and Jamestown (1-0).

Dordt has outscored teams 16-8 and outshot teams on goal 65-37.  Tori Mann, Natalie Sakuma, Raquelle Mouw and Kenzie Bousema all have three goals scored to lead Dordt and Alaina Van Zanten and Sakuma each have two assists.  Belle Helgerson has played 270 minutes in goal with two goals allowed and 12 saves and she has a 0.67 goals allowed per-90 minutes played average. Karlee Kuyvenhoven has played 180 minutes in goal and has 14 saves with six goals allowed.

The Defender men are 4-3 this season with wins over Nebraska Christian (7-0), Evangel (3-2), Southwestern (1-0 ot) and Buena Vista (4-2) and losses to Benedictine (4-0), Waldorf (2-1) and Johnson and Wales (2-1).

Dordt has outscored teams 17-12 and outshot teams by an overall margin of 124-70 overall and has an on goal edge of 64-34.

Mason Faucett has a team high five goals and Garrett Goodson has four. VJ Hachaba has three goals and Stephen Brinkerhoff has assisted on two. Seth Lewison has played 428 minutes in goal and has allowed nine goals for a 1.89 per-90 minutes played average and he has 16 saves. Zach Roberts has played 201 minutes and allowed three goals and  has five saves while seeing action in the last three games.


 Presentation lost to Carroll 7-0 on September 17 and were outshot on goal 16-2 and Johnston made nine saves in goal. Carroll also had a 6-1 corner kick advantage.

 The Dordt women lost to Jamestown on Saturday 1-0 with Helgerson facing eight shots on goal for the Defenders and she made seven saves.

 The Presentation men were 4-2 losers to Dakota Wesleyan on Tuesday, September 12 with Clarke getting two goals and Wesleyan had a 9-7 shots on goal advantage.

 The Dordt men were 4-2 winners over Buena Vista on Friday with goals by Goodson, Hachaba, Patrick Munsey and Faucett.  The Defenders had an 18-5 shots advantage and had an on goal advantage of 9-7.  


Dordt will host Hastings in the GPAC opener for the two on Saturday, September 23 before going to Briar Cliff on Tuesday, September 26.       

GPAC… (September 20)


  • Concordia 0-0/6-0-1
  • Briar Cliff  0-0/6-1
  • Morningside 0-0/3-1-3
  • Hastings 0-0/5-3
  • Mount Marty 0-0/2-2
  • Northwestern 0-0/3-3-1
  • Dordt 0-0/4-3
  • Midland 0-0/3-3
  • Dakota Wesleyan 0-0/3-4
  • Doane   0-0/1-7


  • Midland 0-0/6-1
  • Hastings 0-0/5-1-1
  • Northwestern 0-0/4-2-1
  • Dakota Wesleyan 0-0/5-2
  • Morningside 0-0/4-3
  • Briar Cliff 0-0/5-2
  • Dordt 0-0/3-3
  • Concordia 0-0/4-2-2
  • College of Saint Mary 0-0/2-5
  • Doane 0-0/1-4-2
  • Mount Marty 0-0/1-3

September 23

Hastings @ Dordt

Doane @ Morningside

College of Saint Mary @ Mount Marty (W)

Concordia @ Dakota Wesleyan

Midland @ Northwestern


September 26

Dordt @ Briar Cliff

Dakota Wesleyan @ College of Saint Mary (W)

Morningside @ Midland

Northwestern @ Doane

Mount Marty @ Concordia


September 30

Dakota Wesleyan @ Dordt

College of Saint Mary @ Concordia (W)

Doane @ Midland

Mount Marty @ Northwestern

Briar Cliff @ Hastings


October 3

Doane @ Hastings


October 4

Concordia @ Briar Cliff

Morningside @ Mount Marty

Northwestern @ Dakota Wesleyan

Midland @ College of Saint Mary (W)


October 7

Briar Cliff @ Mount Marty

Hastings @ Dakota Wesleyan

Dordt @ Doane

Concordia @ Northwestern

College of Saint Mary (W)


October 10

Northwestern @ Dordt

Briar Cliff @ College of Saint Mary (W)

Hastings @ Midland

Dakota Wesleyan @ Morningside