Sioux Center, IA:  The Andreas Center at Dordt College will host a panel on race relations titled “Growing Pains,” on Friday, February 2, at 7:30 p.m. in SB 1606 (in the science building on Dordt’s Campus). The panel title is based on the book of the same name, by Christopher Meehan. The book, subtitled “How Racial Struggles Changed a Church and School,” tells the story of the 1960’s integration of Timothy Christian School in suburban Chicago. Christians in Chicago at the time struggled with the admission of black students to a then-all-white Christian school system.

Recent events reveal that struggles with racism, whether in society or within the human heart, are not over; rather, they are more urgent than ever. For this event, a panel of participants who engaged both in the original struggle and in contemporary situations involving race will discuss the challenge of confronting racism today.

"Many of us don't see, or don't really want to see, the ways that race and racism continue to impact our communities,” says Dr. David Henreckson, director of the Andreas Center. “I'm very interested to listen to this panel conversation, not only for the historical perspective that several of its members can offer, but also for the urgent contemporary relevance of this topic."

Panelists include Dr. Reggie Smith, Director of Race Relations and Social Justice for the CRCNA, Karl Westerhof, formerly with SCORR (Synodical Committee on Race Relations) and World Renew, Tara Boer, social work professor at Dordt College, and James Schaap, author and retired Dordt English professor.

This event is free and open to the public.